Santa cruz protest today

From roughly a. Added to that are office hours with some of those students about their papers, followed by her own research, about the dehumanization of fast-food workers. The day caps off with lectures from p. But this past Monday was different. Hamilton, who is the U. Santa Cruz unit union chair, was on strike, along with hundreds of her graduate student colleagues.

They picketed and marchedjoined by some faculty members and undergradsblocking traffic near the famously forested campus about an hour southwest of downtown San Jose. That amount, graduate students have said, would help pull student educators — many of whom are spending the majority of their income on rent — from the brink of homelessness. Campus administrators have said it would be illegal for them to negotiate with strikers because the protest is unauthorized by the broader union, and their contract prohibits such work stoppages.

Cynthia Larive, the chancellor of U.

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Santa Cruz, was unavailable for an interview, a spokesman told me in emails. Housing costs have made academic careers increasingly untenable in a state whose public universities are its crown jewels, its economic engines and most highly touted vehicles for upward mobility.

Graduate students I talked with described a kind of Catch They are often recruited for their potential contributions to the work of a top-tier research university. A half-time job working as a teaching assistant is supposed to subsidize their study, so graduate student employees are discouraged from getting additional jobs.

santa cruz protest today

Santa Cruz, students say, is an unaffordable market, which is why they started the unauthorized strike. Their contract sets pay across the University of California statewide. So, a graduate student teaching assistant in Santa Cruz or Berkeley is paid about the same as graduate students in Riverside or Merced, which have much lower housing costs. Of course, those are rough comparisons. In Santa Cruz, a tourist destination, the crisis is compounded by a particularly tight supply. And Santa Cruz, unlike, say, Berkeley, has rejected efforts to implement rent control.

Administrators have said they may discipline protesters.

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But organizers said the strike would go on indefinitely. Sarah Mason, 33, said she saw the strike as part of a broader struggle for public education. Mason said. Hamilton said in a text message that students were set to picket again today. We often link to sites that limit access for nonsubscribers. We appreciate your reading Times coverage, but we also encourage you to support local news if you can.

Mohammed Nuru, the powerful San Francisco Public Works director accused of fraud in a widening corruption scandal, resigned before he could be fired. One of the people evacuated from Wuhan to the United States last week has the coronavirus. The patient has been taken to a hospital in San Diego.

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They were at Soban in Koreatown until 5 a. Meet Sharon Choi, the filmmaker who translated for Bong at all the awards shows.

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But people in South Korea were cheering the film — profoundly Korean but with a universal story — the way they would an Olympic athlete. California Today goes live at a. Pacific time weekdays. Tell us what you want to see: CAtoday nytimes. Were you forwarded this email? Sign up for California Today here. Jill Cowan grew up in Orange County, graduated from U.Graduate students at the University of California, Santa Cruz, were arrested during a protest to demand higher wages.

A group of protesters allegedly stood in the middle of an intersection and blocked traffic before being arrested by local police officers. According to a report by Campus Reform, 17 students at the University of California, Santa Cruz, were arrested after allegedly blocking traffic in an intersection near campus. The protesters engaged in the demonstration to bring attention to their efforts to raise wages for graduate students employed as teaching assistants at the university.

The students are facing a variety of charges including unlawful assembly, obstructing a public roadway, and disobeying a lawful order. In a comment, UC spokesman Scott Hernandez-Jason said that the students were given many chances by the officers to move from the road before they were arrested. The video shows protesters squaring off against officers. Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting.The long-standing leftist leader is facing rising pressure from opposition groups pushing for him to step down or to force new elections.

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An international group is also doing an audit of the Oct. At a large rally on Monday night in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, a civic leader who has become a key figure in the opposition, urged supporters to peacefully jam government institutions, starting from midnight. Camacho had previously set a hour deadline for Morales to resign, which expired on Monday night.

santa cruz protest today

Morales, who came to power in and has become an iconic figure in the landlocked South American nation, has defended his election win and has backed an international audit of the result to resolve the crisis. Amid the political turmoil, a helicopter carrying Morales made an emergency landing on Monday due to a mechanical malfunction on takeoff from the town of Colquiri, south of La Paz, the air force said. No injuries were reported. Video of the incident spread on social media. Mesa, who came second in the Oct.

He has maintained allegations of electoral fraud. Morales won the vote with a lead of just over 10 points, which gave him an outright win, but the victory was marred by a near hour halt in the count, which, when resumed, showed a sharp and unexplained shift in favor of Morales. That sparked fierce protests, with demonstrators clashing with police, teargas on the streets and roadblocks and strikes in many cities, with a few deaths in the clashes.

Formal election monitor, the Organization of American States OASis now doing a count audit, expected to be completed before the middle of the month. It had raised concerns after the count was halted. Morales, nearing 14 years in power, had already sparked ire amongst some Bolivians before the election, when he decided to run for a fourth term in defiance of term limits and a referendum in that voted against him doing so.

Protesters wreck College Republicans’ info table, spit on US flag, at UC Santa Cruz, video shows

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UC Santa Cruz protests: Teaching assistants, grad student educators on day 3 of wildcat strike

Our country needs us we are answering the call and continuing the work. Please help us raise funds for our work by purchasing a t-shirt, they make great gifts, or making a donation. No contribution is too small. We appreciate all of you! Click this Facebook link to find out more about how to register to vote! Sitting out is not an option. We would love to hear from you!

Sunday, April 12, Santa Cruz County Women's March.

santa cruz protest today

Truth to Power Santa Cruz March. First time Voter Party! What now? Thank you for supporting us this past three years.

Did you know that most people sat out the last election? So we say, not on our watch! Warriors must work to make sure that each and every voice is heard, and that WOMEN get to the polls in unprecedented numbers in Upcoming Events.

Latest News. Lights for Liberty santacruzwomen - July 17, 0. On Friday July 12th hundreds gathered at our co-hosted event for Lights of Liberty protesting the detention and separation of families at the border Our state will be critical to the next election, and will lead the fight in electing new leaders in !

Today we joined a statewide protest. As more We are building our coalition - together we are stronger. Read more news stories…. Past Events. Too many of us have stories like Dr. Too many of us have never felt safe enough to share them.University of California police drag protesters from High Street and detained them Wednesday afternoon.

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Dan Coyro -- Santa Cruz Sentinel. Supporters of the UC Santa Cruz grad student strike Wednesday lock arms, sitting in the middle of the Bay and High streets intersection as they chant slogans at surrounding, baton-wielding University of California police. Several demonstrators were removed and arrested. University of California police on Wednesday form a barrier around a group of students before they are arrested and carted away for blocking an intersection at the entrance to UC Santa Cruz.

The strike is an escalation to a monthslong campaign calling for a cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, in the form of a substantial raise for teaching assistants who say they cannot afford the cost of living in Santa Cruz. With coverage by outlets including The New York Times and the Associated Press, the strike has quickly gained national media attention this week.

Similar cost-of-living adjustment campaigns are reportedly playing out on other UC campuses on a smaller scale. Shortly after noon Wednesday, dozens of police moved in to clear scores of demonstrators occupying the Bay and High street intersection after multiple orders to disperse were ignored. Police surrounded and one by one dragged away demonstrators who were sitting in circles in the intersection with their arms linked.

More demonstrators poured into the intersection in response and both sides backed off and regrouped after minutes of chaotic confrontation. They face charges including unlawful assembly, obstructing a public roadway and disobeying a lawful order.

Striking UC Santa Cruz Grad Students Stage 'Doomsday Rally'

Failing to comply with an order to disperse and obstructing a roadway is extremely dangerous, and it is also against the law. UCSC police Sgt. Brian Cabriales said all but one of the arrested demonstrators were expected to be quickly cited and released.

One person who was arrested refused to identify themselves, according to Cabriales, and could remain in custody for days until their identity could be determined. Numerous faculty — some donning their formal regalia gowns — were present Wednesday, as they have been throughout the week, many working to keep tensions from boiling over or demonstrating in solidarity with the students.

Informal negotiations between student organizers and an administrator took place throughout the afternoon in huddled groups on the outskirts of the demonstration. Student organizers called for interim provost Lori Kletzer or Chancellor Cynthia Larive to negotiate with them as a precondition for leaving the intersection.

Neither campus executive arrived at the demonstration. Scott briefly addressed the students using one of their megaphones, encouraging them to move from the intersection to a road leading into the campus. But the hundreds of rowdy students occupying the intersection voted — by voice, and using a thumbs-up or thumbs-down tally — against the proposal and continued to occupy the intersection. It appeared another engagement with police was likely as a crowd of hundreds of students continued to face off with officers, who hemmed in the intersection on three sides.

Ryan Page, a film and media doctoral student who is among the striking teaching assistants, placed himself on the front line of demonstrators facing the bulk of police. Page said he plans to transfer elsewhere to finish his dissertation after this year. But police held back from another engagement, and demonstrators eventually decided to retreat to a nearby grassy area by the campus entrance where picketing commonly takes place, ending the standoff for the day shortly after p.

On Monday, the first day of the strike, at least one student was arrested for driving around a police barricade in an apparent effort to deliver water to demonstrators. Hernandez-Jason had previously said an online form was gathering reports of canceled classes and sections.

But he was unable to provide any additional information that would speak to the number of canceled sections or striking students throughout the week. Show Caption. By Nick Ibarra nibarra santacruzsentinel.

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santa cruz protest today

Get the latest on the novel coronavirus pandemic here. Coronavirus News 3 p. Videos show impact of novel coronavirus pandemic on Bay Area.

Campaign underway to distribute medical masks to African American, Latino communities. Watch ABC7 News streaming live now. Local News. Station Info. Share Tweet Email. Share: Share Tweet Email. KGO -- UC Santa Cruz teaching assistants and graduate student instructors are in day three of a wildcat strike, which is a walkout not approved by union leaders. Large crowds of people, including students, blocked the university's main entrance on Wednesday to bring attention to their demand for a cost of living increase.

Report a correction or typo. Related topics: education uc santa cruz santa cruz budget pay raise protest strike college teachers salary. Citations for violating shelter-in-place orders set to increase in SF, official says. Easter No contact, virtual holiday in Bay Area. Fauci discusses date on reopening country. AccuWeather forecast: Partly cloudy evening with warmer weather on the way.Called the Global Climate Strike, demonstrations are planned to bookend the Sept.

Organizers are expecting participation from more than countries on two days, this Friday and Friday, Sept. In Santa Cruz County, activists of all ages are planning a week of daily events, building to what local organizers hope will be a widespread student-led walkout and demonstration Sept. Minami helped organize climate walkouts at her school in March and May and said she has been meeting weekly with students from nearby schools to plan for the Sept.

On the afternoon of Sept. As a UC Santa Cruz associate professor who studies youth activism, Jessica Taft said she will keep a close eye on the planned demonstrations locally and worldwide. Youth-led activism has a long and storied history dating back to the civil rights movement and beyond, Taft said. But because of the connectivity allowed by social media, Taft said youth-led climate activism is becoming more coordinated, and more global, than prior movements.

Many of the organizers helping to put together local events, at least, are adults — from a coalition of more than a dozen groups organized under the banner of the Santa Cruz Climate Action Network. The coalition has put together a lineup of daily events and demonstrations starting with a kickoff at Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz on Friday afternoon, coinciding with a separate event youth event in downtown Watsonville.

By Nicholas Ibarra nibarra santacruzsentinel. More in Top Headlines.

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